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Meet our leadership team at Peek-A-Boo Learning Center:


Ms. Briana

Ms. Briana has been with Peek-A-Boo Learning Centers since 2021. She started as a lead teacher and quickly rose to a leadership position because of her passion and determination to make everyone around her better.

Working with children has always been a passion of Briana’s since she started, almost 10 years ago.She’s almost finished with her degree in education and constantly educates herself on the best ways to support the growth and development of young children.

Briana’s goal is to bring joy and a feeling of welcoming and safety to every child’s life she has the blessing of touching.

Assistant Director

Ms. Brianne

Ms. Bri is a recent accomplished college graduate.

Childcare has been a passion of hers since she was a young girl and if she wasn’t helping to develop young minds inside of our learning center, she would take her talents to the social work field.

When Ms. Bri is not at the center focused on bettering the lives of each kiddo she interacts with, she’s most likely spending time with her 3 year old rabbit named Oreo, who’s her whole world 🙂

CEO / Owner

Ms. Julie

Julie is a wife, mother of 2 (CJ — 11 yrs old & Jaida — 5 yrs old) and full-time child protector.

With over 10+ years of experience in nursing and childcare from an early age, Julie has always known caring for kids was her calling. Her parents did foster care most of her life along with adopting 3, so she grew up in a big family (One of 6). She always loved the thought of having a big family of her own. When the opportunity of opening a home away from home for kids of all backgrounds presented itself, she knew this was a blessing and the path she needed to take.

Julie opened Peek-A-Boo Learning Centers with one thing in mind, providing love and care for every child no matter the circumstances or challenges faced with. She has a nursing certificate, CPR, and first aid certification.
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