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Infants Daycare


6 weeks – 18 months

Helping you to give your infant the best start in life, our classrooms are safe, loving and nurturing environment that help them as they grow and develop. Positive, responsive and secure relationships are required for healthy attachment and development. By utilizing a flexible routine at Peek-a-Boo infant daycare center, we focus on providing the basic needs of your child, helping them maintain a natural schedule that is similar to your home environment. We recognize that
there is a need for individualized times for parents to stop in during the day to feed or play with your infant.

Parents are welcomed to drop in anytime to share in activities during the day as parents are an infant’s first, best and most important teacher. Our staff are caring, supportive teachers who understand the need for safe steady environment that support your infant’s growing independence. The Infant room environment promotes a healthy sense of self while helping infants connect with others around them. We will support the develop of developing their motor skills by encouraging them to physically explore within an age appropriate activity. Our classroom provide separate spaces for sleeping, meals, and diaper changes. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and healthy environment for our wonderful infants.

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